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        Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

        Arizona lawyers have annual CLE reporting requirements. The educational cycle is July 1 to the following June 30.? During that time, each lawyer, unless exempted, must acquire a total of 15 hours of CLE, of which a minimum of 3 hours must be in professional responsibility/ethics.

        Rule 45(b), Ariz. R. Sup. Ct. allows the following exemptions:
        ? Inactive or Retired Members
        ? COJET (must still file affidavit)
        ? Active Members age 70 before January 1, 2009
        ? New Admittees/Registrants admitted or registered with the Bar between January 1 and June 30 of the educational year
        ? Out-of-State Compliance (must still file affidavit)

        Click here for MCLE Hardship Waiver Policy and Application.

        Arizona lawyers must annually submit proof of meeting their MCLE requirements.? Online filing is available beginning in mid-July.? The preferred method of filing your affidavit is online, those members requiring a paper affidavit, should email their request no later than September 11 to MCLE@staff.azbar.org.? An email with a PDF version will be emailed to you.

        CLE Provider Approval

        Arizona does not certify courses or providers. Arizona lawyers are required to independently review the Standards outlined in MCLE Regulation 104(A) make their own determination that it qualifies for credit towards their MCLE requirements.? For additional information, click: CLE Sponsors/Provider Information.




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